Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adirondack Ghost Town

Tahawus (Adirondac, or McIntyre) is an abandoned mining town situated to the southern edges of the High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Several trail heads into the High Peaks lead from the Tahawus Tract and offer some interesting opportunities for exploring the remnants of bygone era in Adirondack history. It was from here that our beloved Theodore Roosevelt was summoned from a hiking trip into a series of events that would lead him to taking the presidential oath.
A recent Labor Day weekend camping trip into the Adirondacks was fraught with the typical rain and misty weather. There was no end in sight to the on again, off again rain that muddled our plans for a hike at the Santanoni Preserve. After our hike up Goodnow Mountain the previous day with tornado speed winds we were not up for a 10 mile hike in the event that it was to pour on us. It was these tornado speed winds the day before that prevented us from successfully climbing the entire height of the Goodnow Mountain fire tower, so it would only be natural that some other natural weather occurrence should halt our plans for this day.

Feeling a little soft in regard to physical adventure, we opted for a little ghost town exploration in Tahawus. The packed parking lots for the high peaks trail heads that surround the old mining town indicated that the rain was not going to stop everyone from a long hike that day. We were not feeling that stealthy on that morning and it did not take long for both of us to agree that a 50 mile coffee run up the the Starbucks in Lake Placid was in order. Can you make that a triple grande red eye? I guess that says a lot about our lack of thirst for aching knees and lungs vs our tremendous thirst for bitter coffee. The first visible encounter with Tahawus is one of the largest pieces of "What the heck is THAT doing out here?" otherwise known as the blast furnace.

The following photographs are a limited view into the types of things that are to be found "around town."

Blast Furnace, exterior
Blast Furnace, interior looking up

Water Pumps




  1. Beautiful photography! I love it

  2. Wonderful photos of Tahawus--you must have risked life and limb in some of those abandoned houses to get the pictures. What an atmosphere!