Sunday, August 15, 2010

Allenburg Bog

A couple weeks back we went on a ramble down past Salamanca, New York to the Allenburg Bog. The Allenburg Bog is a nature preserve managed through the Buffalo Audubon Society. I had been warned that if I had never been there before and wasn't going with someone who had...I would never find it. Two sets of directions (one left at home) and a hand drawn map later, like a couple of city folk we were still forced to stop and ask a farmer where the bog could be located. Sure enough, we were within 500 yards of the trail, and no, we never would have found it. Especially since there were farm lanes up and down the road on both sides at every hedge line. The locals always know as long as you can find one that won't chase you off of their property when you track them down to ask them.

We made our way down the lane to the mailbox in the middle of the woods and on to the bog. Wouldn't you know it, looking up we heard a car driving on a road overlooking the swamp. The road and swamp that we had driven past not 30 minutes prior saying, "well there's a swamp...we have to be close!" Close alright. It was a nice ramble through the woods anyway.

The area had seen heavy rain with flash flooding on the days prior to us arriving and it was pretty mucking in areas with high water levels. We were not able to cross the bog and we did not spot any pitcher plants and sun dews much to my disappointment. Alas a ramble through the woods is never a disappointment and we saw an unidentified owl, a deer feeding in the swamp in water up to his haunches, and a scarlet tanager along with a multitude of other winged creatures. The bugs could have been much worse and overall, it was a hot and quite lovely afternoon. Hopefully next time we will actually get to enjoy the bog itself and will be sure to have some experienced bog trekkers with us for a proper tour. We will probably need help finding our way back there anyway.

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