Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The REAL Blue Springs State Park

Three years ago, I thought I went to Blue Springs State Park. Come to find out we did not having had the name wrong. We actually went to Wekiwa Springs west of Orlando. This time we did make it to Blue Springs State Park, after arguing with Melissa that we had been here before. What's in a name anyway? So we arrive on a record breaking hot day in Florida and the place is packed. 105 degrees in the morning...who knows how hot it got in the afternoon. Melissa picked us up some inner tubes to use to float on down the spring's current. The water was a cool 73 degrees and was the perfect balance to the scorching heat above the water. We saw giant longnose gars in the water below us that was exciting to some, frightening for others. We were stunned by the amount of activity among the peoples visiting the springs. Again, there were all kinds of people, but more rural Floridian's than city folk. We saw a 19 year old get yelled at by her mother for crying because she did not want to leave, 22 year old small town crooks, dealers with their 15 year old girlfriends, and two young men with speedos doing gymnastics in 105 degree weather. It was a lot to take in. Down by the water it was a different scene. There were disgusting acts of public affection by 13 year olds, and screaming girls cruisin down the river on top of Uncle Piggyback. If you could settle into all the noise and block it out, the Springs is a beautiful and relaxing place to take a dip a find relief from the heat aside from the ocean. It is hard not to romanticize about the large shade trees above that are dripping with spanish moss as the current gently carries you downstream within the forest.

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